Rent your baby's clothes. The most sustainable way to dress your baby.

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    Rent baby clothes for every size and season

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    Give us back anything you don’t want to keep

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    Pick out a new set of clothes ready for next month

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Why Rent Baby Clothes

Renting is the New Buying

Renting is the New Buying

Order from a wide selection of premium baby clothing brands - all in one place.

Our monthly plan options mean you pay only a fraction of the retail price for the highest quality.

The next day service delivers beautiful baby clothes, fresh to your door.

When you want new clothes for your baby, simply return your previous selection in the pre-paid envelope and reorder.

Just like buying - but better!

Hello Convenience. Goodbye Hassle

Hello Convenience. Goodbye Hassle

No more stress over what to do with outgrown baby clothes - you rent, return and replace month by month.

Think of 9plus1 as your online wardrobe full of fresh clothing from a handpicked selection of premium baby brands.

Choice and convenience is at the heart of what we do.

With our unique monthly hire plans let us help you save energy, resources and time.

Say hello to sustainable convenience, goodbye to hassle.

Let’s be Honest - It’s Flippin’ Exhausting

Let’s be Honest - It’s Flippin’ Exhausting

Being a new parent is exhausting, so why not prepare and self-care by removing unnecessary stress.

No need to worry about what baby clothes you’ll need for winter or that forthcoming special occasion, we have the widest choice of premium brands all in one place.

Perfect Fit for the Future

Perfect Fit for the Future

Our world has been forced to rapidly adapt and change in recent times.

Bringing sustainability in to our homes and communities has never been more important.

As you’d expect, all the clothing items from our partner brands are ethically manufactured.

The subscription plans are designed to offer more choice, value and sustainability over traditional buying and help you to reduce your personal environmental impact.