About Us

We care about the future.

We care about people.

We care about the planet and our children.

9plus1 is more than just a baby clothing rental company.

Our service is the first to focus wholly on providing a curated selection of premium brands, all in one place.

It is the first to have this level of clothing choice and infrastructure behind it to grow further and do more, for you and your baby.

Our Circular Solution

Our Circular Solution

We aim to provide a service that will become as commonplace as any major subscription outlet.

The difference is that ours is a circular economy solution, not only helping users to be more sustainable and have less personal impact on the environment, but enabling better economic viability, convenience and collective collaboration.

Created with Tired Parents in Mind

Created with Tired Parents in Mind

We don’t suggest for a second that we can solve all the craziness and exhaustion of being a new parent, but we will support you in the key aspect of your baby’s clothing needs and comfort, providing premium brands at a fraction of the retail price, through our Rent, Return and Repeat subscription model.

We can’t wait for you to join our growing community of ‘9plus1ers’.