Got a question? Please read through our frequently asked questions to find your answer.

Who are we?

We are 9plus1. A company that was founded on ethical and sustainable principles to provide your baby with a wide range of beautiful baby clothes from carefully selected brands.

What about the name?

The number ‘9’ from our company name represents 9 months - the usual duration of a pregnancy - and ‘1’ being a baby’s first year of clothing that we cater for. Of course, this depends on the size of your baby, but our sizes could fit your baby well beyond their first year!

We have plans to expand our service and this name will make even more sense when this happens! If you wish to keep informed of all our news then just choose to receive news and special offers under Personal Details in your account.

How do our subscriptions work?

Once you have chosen the subscription that suits you and your baby, then simply remember three words: Rent. Return. Repeat.

Rent: Once you have chosen from our three carefully designed subscriptions, you can choose your clothes from our beautiful and extensive collection via our simple and elegant shop.

Return: Each order your place with us will include a return envelope so it’s so easy to return those clothes your wish to replace. You can even choose to buy the clothes you have fallen in love with if you wish.

Repeat: Yes, that’s right - each month you can repeat the process of choosing your baby’s clothes, so your wardrobe grows with your baby.

The whole process has been designed with simplicity being key. At the same time, you get to repeat the really fun bit - choosing the next set of beautiful clothes for your baby from our wide selection from our quality and ethical brands.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

This depends. For our Occasions and Everyday subscriptions, you can cancel anytime during the first month from the date you open your subscription, after which, you can continue with three months’ binding time. Our Complete subscription has no binding time and you can cancel at anytime.

What is included in your subscription?

Beautiful baby clothing that is prepared using our in-house bespoke laundry facility. Included with your orders is a returns envelope, which makes it super easy to send the baby clothing back to us each month so your baby’s wardrobe grows with your baby or if you simply would like an update.

Benefits of renting as the new buying?

Renting can extend the life of baby clothing by up to 15 times. So that means less unnecessary waste, which is better for us and the environment.

How much does it cost?

Our subscription service starts from as little as £39.99 per month. See our subscriptions for further information on pricing.

How long can I keep the clothes?

You can keep your clothes as long as you like. As long as you keep paying your monthly subscription you can keep the clothes. You can also choose to buy those particularly special items if you wish. Our service has been designed to be as flexible as possible to best suit the needs of your growing baby.

Where do our clothes come from?

Our clothes come from a range of carefully selected and well-loved quality brands. They were not only chosen because of the beautiful clothes, but also because they are manufactured using ethical, sustainable practices and natural, organic materials that are kind to your baby, as well as the environment.

What happens to clothes that can no longer be rented?

Clothes will be upcycled and reused elsewhere and, if this is not possible, then they will be recycled and used to make new clothing. No clothing items will go to landfill.

What age/size do you stock?

Depending on the item, our sizes range from 50cm (newborn) up to 86cm (approximately 12-18 months of age).

How are clothes cleaned between rentals?

Our clothes are cleaned in our bespoke in-house laundry facility that has been built to throughly clean, care and prepare the clothes, ensuring the clothes reach your in perfect condition.

How do you take care of the clothes?

Follow the care and guidance that you receive with each order. Each manufacturer has different care and washing instructions. If any small tears or rips occur then avoid washing any further to reduce the risk of increasing the damage. All stained or damaged clothes should be returned to us.

What happens if clothing gets damaged or is lost?

If it is damaged then stop using the item in question and return it to us with the rest of your returns. You should inform us of any lost items by emailing us as:

Is it safe to rent If my baby has an allergy?

All our clothes are hygienically cleaned and carefully prepared between each rental so the clothes should be perfectly safe to use. If you have any particular concerns regarding this then please email us at: customerservice@9plus1.co.uk, or use our chat service, and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

When will my first order arrive?

You will receive your 'Occasions' and 'Everyday' order within two working days from placing your order. If you have a 'Complete' subscription your order includes next day delivery if placed before 1:00pm.

How will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered by Royal Mail or DPD to your chosen delivery address.

Will I be notified when my order is on its way?

Yes. You will receive delivery tracking details through your customer account.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed once a month. You can login to your account at anytime to see when you next payment is due.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Can I purchase gift cards?

Yes you can. See our Gift Cards page for more details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription via your customer account.

Can I get a refund?

You can receive a full refund if you return all the clothing items you received unworn and in the condition you received them within 14 days. You can cancel your order through your customer account. For further information please consult our Terms and Conditions page.

Please use our chat service or email us: if you don't find an answer to your question. We will get back to you as soon as we can.