New to renting baby clothes?

You have come to the right place! Here you will find
everything you need to know about how renting your baby clothes works.
Simplicity and ease of use are the foundations of our rental service.
There are three simple steps to remember - Rent, Return, Repeat. 
  • Rent


  • Return


  • Repeat


Step 1: Rent

Step 1: Rent

Sign up and choose the plan that suits your needs the best. We have plans for 10 and 15 clothing items. All the items in your package are chosen by you- just like when shopping. There is no binding time (cancel any time if not happy!), no hidden costs plus stains and accidents are covered by insurance. 

Our online store is designed just like any well presented clothing store.

Shop from our curated selection of premium baby brands, ones you already know and love and ones you will meet for the first time, but, for sure, will fall in love with.

Every occasion, every season - we have it covered.

Want to know more about the  rental insurance that covers the cost for stains and other accidents and that is already included to your membership plan?

Step 2: Return

Step 2: Return

You can swap the clothes to the new ones once in every month.

You decide whether you want to return all, or just some. Simply mark the items that you are returning through your personal account on our website.

By the way, if you have truly fallen in love with an item of clothing and don’t want to be parted with it - don’t worry, we offer a discounted buying option as well! 

Now you are ready to place your new order!

Your new order will arrive in a reusable bag and included with your order will be a free postal return label. Please pack the clothing items you wish to return from your previous order in the same reusable bag. Attach the postal label and take your return package to your nearest Post Office.

We have built a bespoke, in-house laundry process that ensures exceptional quality control over the lifecycle of the garments. All the clothes are professionally cleaned and you will never receive anything that is less than new-looking.

Step 3: Repeat

Step 3: Repeat

Now that a new membership month has started, you are ready to order your baby’s new clothes!

This is one of those good habit forming behaviours!

From the convenience of all devices browse our intuitive site for the latest news and clothing lines.

Prepare and self care by being prepped and ready for any weather changes or special occasions. Your new baby clothes will be with you in just few days!

Choice & Convenience

Pick from our three subscription options to have new baby clothes delivered to your door each month.