Swapping Clothes for New Ones

1. Log into your account with your email address and password you used when creating your account.

2. Under ‘Order History’ select the clothing items you wish to return and mark them to be returned. You don’t have to return all the items if you wish to keep some items for longer. You can also choose the buying option if you don’t wish to be parted from any specific item(s). If any of the clothing items were replaced or extra ones added to your order, they might not show under your orders. If this is the case then just mark those items you had originally ordered.

3. After you have selected and marked the items you wish to return, you are ready to place your new order. Just remember, you can only place an order for the same number of new items as you either returned and/or purchased.

4. Your new order will arrive in a reusable bag and included with your order will be a free postal return label.

5. Please pack the clothing items you wish to return from your previous order in the same reusable bag that you received your new order in.

6. Attach the postal label and take your return package to your nearest Post Office branch.

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